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Thursday, September 19, 2019

Garena freefire : reasons of popularity ,advantages and inconveniences

Garena free fire: reasons for popularity, advantages, and inconveniences

Garena free fire  is today the most popular game .it first was found  in Singapore in 2009, by current Chairman and Group CEO, Forrest Li,every home has one or more person play it ,it's actually an action-adventure group playing game ,more than two gamers could play it at the same time in order to be the last royal battle winner and get finally the trophy.
So why freefire game become the most popular and famous in a very short time?

We present in this post some reasons and even more advantages and inconvenient of becoming a free-fire player.
Reasons for the popularity of free-fire: 

-The game is a world one,  every country allows it,  and everyone can play with all world players in one battleground.

- Mysterious in missions in free fire

-Chat between the players 
• Free Fire’s chat feature is designed to foster conversations between players and build a strong sense of community.
• Free Fire players are able to chat with other players that they have added to their friend's list and to chat during gameplay.
• Players can also communicate with team members who would also first have to be added to their friend's list.

-Availability : 
The Game is available to download on all systems like ANDROID AND IOS, and it's free to download.
-Purchasing Characters and items 
• Players can earn tools for enhancing gameplay and in-game currency by playing the game, which can be used to purchase in-game characters and items.
• Players can also purchase diamonds with real-world currency, which can also be used to purchase in-game characters and items.
not all the games offer this feature
-Parents controls
The game is available for the childs above 12 years old, and the parents can control the game by accessing the setting in Apple and Playstore.

Advantages of playing free fire game :

there is not a lot of positives in this game as the majority of people think.
. Enjoying the game in a battle royal
. Chats that can make sense of community more strong
. A game that could strengthen the mind skills

Inconveniences of free-fire : 

.Spend a lot of time.
.Spend money for virtual items and characters
.Damaging the console of playing such a mobile phone.
.Damaging the health, all players forget to eat when they play.
.the last is the risky one, is the Addictive that all players are fallen it today.

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