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Sunday, July 12, 2020

What's happened with the Xbox 360 in 2020 ?

July 12, 2020 0
What's happened with the Xbox 360 in 2020 ?


What’s Up With Xbox 360?

A Guide of What’s Available for Microsoft’s Xbox 360 System


The Xbox 360 System. The new Xbox 360 console ($399.99) brings Microsoft technology to the gaming industry like never before. This new toy sports new Internet connections to social communities and puts the gamer in ultimate control with goo-gobs of fun accessories.

This article describes some of those accessories and the games available that (almost) everyone can enjoy.

Xbox 360 Accessories.

For such a powerful system, it should be no surprise that this system takes full advantage of accessorizing. We can start by saving games on the $19.99 512MB memory unit or with the $29.99 64MB memory unit.  To keep the power going, we can look at the $29.99 Quick Charge Kit or the smaller $19.99 Play & Charge Kit. On the go, you can carry and use the $11.99 Rechargeable Battery Pack while re-powering your controller with the $29.99 charge Station.

  • Increase connectivity with the $99.99 Wireless Network Adapter and keep your system “kewl” with the $19.99 Intercooler. But that’s enough about maintenance. Let’s look at the fun.

  • Get a $39.99 Wired controller or $49.99 Wireless Controller to play your games. Unless you want to feel like getting behind the wheel. In that case, you can try on the $149.99 Wireless Racing Wheel for size.
  •  Want a little multimedia action? Get a $199.99 HD-DVD player (don’t forget the $19.99 remote) – a $39.99 Live Vision Camera or a $59.99 Wireless Headset (wired headset available for $19.99). Then jam your way onto the $89.99 Guitar Hero II.

 Of course, if you want to get down with your PC, check out Xbox’s $19.99 Wireless Gaming Receiver and use your Xbox 360 controller on the computer! 

when will Xbox live to be back up

This service as we all know was down unfortunately on 22 May to 23 May 2020,  now it appears to be back online. The primary outage affected Party Chat and other social services, which were left offline for almost 10 hours.
for more details, we can check the Xbox live support:

Xbox 360 Games.

Looking for games? We’ve separated this part of our guide into two sections: one for children and one for adults. Use caution when purchasing Xbox 360 games for players under 18 years of age.


Xbox’s UEFA Champions League 2006-2007 $59.99

Xbox’s Viva Pinata $29.99

Xbox’s Fuzion Frenzy 2 $29.99

Meet the Robinsons $49.99 (by Disney Interactive Studios)

Xbox’s Star Trek Legacy $39.99

Konami’s Dance Dance Revolution Universe $49.99


Forza Motorsport 2



Xbox’s Halo 2 $29.99 (rated 10 by GameInformer)

Xbox’s Gears of War $59.99 (rated 9.5 by GameInformer)

Xbox’s Crackdown $59.99 (rated 8.5 by GameInformer)

Capcom’s Lost Planet: Extreme Condition $59.99

Bethesda Softworks’ Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion $59.99

Xbox’s Rainbow Six: Vegas $59.99 (rated 9.5 by GameInformer)

D3 Publishers’ Earth Defense Force 2017 $39.99

Activision’s Cabela’s African Safari $29.99

Activision’s Marvel: Ultimate Alliance $59.99 (rated 9.25 by GameInformer)

Activision’s History Channel: Civil War $39.99

Ubisoft’s Ghost Recon: Advanced Warfighter 2 $59.99 (rated 8.75 by GameInformer)

Sega’s Armored Core 4 $59.99


 A lot of Xbox 360 games exhibit the RP warning. Please remember to follow the guidelines set by the Entertainment Software Rating Board (ESRB) when buying games for children under the age of 18. Here’s a handy reference to what the ratings mean:

C = Appropriate for Early childhood
E = Appropriate for Everyone
E 10+ = Appropriate for Everyone aged 10 and older
T = Appropriate for Teens
M = Appropriate for Mature Adults

RP  = Rating Pending (NOT appropriate for children)

The following games sport ESRB’s RP rating: 

Mass Effect


Blue Dragon

Tenchu Z

The Darkness


Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer

Hour of Victory




Friday, October 18, 2019

8 Features you must know When Looking For a Gaming or job Desk

October 18, 2019 2
8 Features you must know  When Looking For a Gaming or job Desk
8 Features you must know  When Looking For a Gaming Desk

Gaming desks is important for gamers, it can improve your gaming experience significantly. In the same way, the wrong type of desk can restrict your abilities and make a bad experience during the gameplay. If you want to choose the right type of desk, we recommend that you consider a few important features.
Given below are 8 features that can help you purchase the right type of gaming desk. 
check them for more info :

1. Price
First of all, you have to set your budget in order to purchase the best gaming desk,it may cost you more than 100 dollars for a medium quality desk but if you raise your budget to more than 400 dollars, you will get the best desk for gaming and you will have the best gaming experience !!!.
now check the second feature 

2. Shape of Desk

The gaming desk comes in different shapes and sizes. Most gamers prefer rectangle shapes, but you can choose any shape based on your needs and preferences, and what you like and love the most. Make sure you select a desk shape based on other factors, such as the size of your room.

3. Size of the Desk

You should be based on a feature like the size of your room, if you don't know how to check your room size, use some tools like the TAP MEASURER OF THE SIZE OF ROOMS!!
the best desk must be little and offers all needs

4.Storage Space
I recommend you choose a desk with enough space, maybe your room size is short but
Having enough space-based in your desires is almost have beautiful benefits as well ...

5. Good Adjustment

The Desk unit you want to purchase, should have a high ability of adjustment, It should enable you to move freely wherever you want and also enable you to rotate and well treaded and help you to fix your body and support your back well ...

6. Usability
Be always careful to buy a desk that allows you to avoid back pains, it's so important because 99 % of players have problems in there spinal columns and backs.
The Desk should be friendly and easy to use as well.
7.Desk Materials
Your unit must be a good chair and have a high quality of elements like good and unbreakable wood, strong glasses, and also a good quality of metals, the unit should be also lightweight.
8. The assembly 
Verify that the unit you are going to purchase is easy to assemble and disassemble. After all, you don't want to call every time a professional to do that for you 
If you consider these features, I guaranty you to buy the best Desk for you and you guarantee your Comfort and safety.....

These websites may help you also:

Thank you for reading this post, hope it was helpful !!!
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Gaming desks is important for gamers, it can improve your gaming experience significantly. In the same way, the wrong type of desk can restrict your abilities and make a bad experience during the gameplay. If you want to choose the right type of desk, we recommend that you consider a few important features. 

Given below are 8 features that can help you purchase the right type of gaming desk. 
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Saturday, October 5, 2019

Mafa games : your hot spot for hot beautiful games !

October 05, 2019 0
Mafa games : your hot spot for hot beautiful games !


Is it accurate to say that you are exhausted insane at home, simply completed a connecting with the arrangement and feel void right now? Whatever you might feel, we have the ideal answer for you - Games! Consider it. What can inspire your state of mind by multiple times other than some easygoing games? 
It doesn't make a difference in the event that you are an adult or a child, you can get a decent assortment of games on the site. These games are based on the web, so you need to interface with a system for playing them. Aside from this, these games are generally gone for young ladies, however, you can likewise discover something appropriate for yourself on the off chance that you are not one. 
At Mafa games, you will discover a wide range of games on their site. They extend from Barbie games to ones including our preferred kid's shows. Spruce up games just as cooking games are a hit with everybody. Hello, who doesn't love a little virtual cooking knowledge? As far as possible and the executives of the working environment are the ideal recipe for one to appreciate a game. Now and then these games are somewhat aggressive, however, that is the place the fun part lies. Keeping aside the above-expressed games, you will likewise discover Makeover games where you can appreciate diverting the young ladies from clothes to newfound wealth and essentially get the chance to be their pixie back up parent. On the off chance that you are a major enthusiast of Elsa from Frozen, you will be enchanted to realize that there is an entire segment organized specifically for her games - you will discover practically the majority of different classifications summarized in this. Makeup games are likewise well known among the majority. So make certain to look at them at some point. 

Mafa games famous categories 

Frozen games

In this tag you will find a large variety of cold accessories, building a white home, white and cold maquillage, snow Paysage, etc 

Cooking games

This category of games offer you the possibility to cook anything, learn and enjoy with the presence of hundreds of anime and cartoons famous loved characters like Barie,fulla, cinderella, Dora, Masha bears and animals plants and waters and many more 
Just have access to and play cooking!

Barbie games

as we know and love much , Barbie games allow us to make beauty everywhere by doing makeup,changing faces,drawing and designing beautiful looks, changing clothes etc 

Mafa games for boys

As we don't intend to see Mafa games for boys , but the truth is yes, boys Mafa games offer to boys many beautiful strong things like sports,racing ,soccer,boys clothes and many boys obsess

Play all these games on free

Why You Should Choose Mafa games For Gaming?

Simple Navigation 

Since these previously mentioned classifications are assembled in like manner on Mafa games, you can undoubtedly explore through them and discover something of your decision. On the off chance that you are hoping to play some makeover games, you can make a beeline for the tab and you will locate that the majority of the makeover games are recorded arranged by their discharge dates.

No Need Of Signing Up 

Best of all, you don't have to enroll in the site to mess around. You can approach every one of them without the Signup procedure. Isn't that incredible? Presently play all you need without experiencing the problem of marking in and out on various occasions.

Various Tags 

Up until now, we have seen Makeover, Cooking, Makeup, Dress Up, Cartoon, Barbie, and Frozen. Be that as it may, the game labels simply don't stop there. There's an entirely different segment of game labels for you to find. Every last bit of it is organized all together with the goal that you will access them in the blink of an eye.

Spares Effort 

Tired of opening a game and play just to discover that it is wasn't what you believed it to be? Try not to stress. We have your back. At, you likewise have areas given exclusively for the best young lady games accessible on the site. This implies you don't need to circumvent searching for that one game you'll like. We have it done as of now for you so the most you need to do is settle on a decision.

Become acquainted with What Is Hot 

In the event that you are finished with the majority of the best games on the site, what next? No stresses, there are in every case new games springing up on the site so you are rarely exhausted. You can become acquainted with what's hot by heading toward the 'New' tab on the screen.

Exhausted from your customary plain games? We have you secured, be it supernatural makeover games or ones that include cooking. You will get the chance to be the pixie back up parent this time! So head over to Mafa games and let your mouse do the talking.

At Mafa games, you will discover a wide range of games on their site. They extend from Barbie games to ones including our preferred kid's shows. Spruce up games just as cooking games are a hit with everybody.
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Thursday, September 19, 2019

Garena freefire : reasons of popularity ,advantages and inconveniences

September 19, 2019 0
Garena freefire : reasons of popularity ,advantages and inconveniences
Garena free fire: reasons for popularity, advantages, and inconveniences

Garena free fire  is today the most popular game .it first was found  in Singapore in 2009, by current Chairman and Group CEO, Forrest Li,every home has one or more person play it ,it's actually an action-adventure group playing game ,more than two gamers could play it at the same time in order to be the last royal battle winner and get finally the trophy.
So why freefire game become the most popular and famous in a very short time?

We present in this post some reasons and even more advantages and inconvenient of becoming a free-fire player.
Reasons for the popularity of free-fire: 

-The game is a world one,  every country allows it,  and everyone can play with all world players in one battleground.

- Mysterious in missions in free fire

-Chat between the players 
• Free Fire’s chat feature is designed to foster conversations between players and build a strong sense of community.
• Free Fire players are able to chat with other players that they have added to their friend's list and to chat during gameplay.
• Players can also communicate with team members who would also first have to be added to their friend's list.

-Availability : 
The Game is available to download on all systems like ANDROID AND IOS, and it's free to download.
-Purchasing Characters and items 
• Players can earn tools for enhancing gameplay and in-game currency by playing the game, which can be used to purchase in-game characters and items.
• Players can also purchase diamonds with real-world currency, which can also be used to purchase in-game characters and items.
not all the games offer this feature
-Parents controls
The game is available for the childs above 12 years old, and the parents can control the game by accessing the setting in Apple and Playstore.

Advantages of playing free fire game :

there is not a lot of positives in this game as the majority of people think.
. Enjoying the game in a battle royal
. Chats that can make sense of community more strong
. A game that could strengthen the mind skills

Inconveniences of free-fire : 

.Spend a lot of time.
.Spend money for virtual items and characters
.Damaging the console of playing such a mobile phone.
.Damaging the health, all players forget to eat when they play.
.the last is the risky one, is the Addictive that all players are fallen it today.

Monday, September 16, 2019

Tips On How To Choose The Right Gaming Console For You

September 16, 2019 0
Tips On How To Choose The Right Gaming Console For You

Tips On How To Choose The Right Gaming Console For You

Gaming today has become a way of life for many people. They start and end the day by playing their favorite video and online games. A lot of people actually consider gaming as addictive: they just won't feel right or complete without firing their virtual gun or building a digital home or fortress in a day.


Be that as it may, to feel totally fulfilled and content with your gaming background, you need and utilize the correct gaming console. To ensure that you will pick the one that is directly for you, underneath are some useful hints you can pursue: 

Have some adequate learning about the diverse gaming comforts 

- Do some examination about the different gaming reassures accessible in the market today. All of them is extraordinarily not the same as one another. Go through the Internet and read on their specs, highlights, and capacities. Likewise, before purchasing at a block and-cement or an online store that sells gaming comforts, approach the business staff for their suggestion. Huge numbers of these business people are gamers themselves and can offer you some significant bits of knowledge and guidance.

Think about the comfort's flexibility 

- Most, however not all, gaming reassures today can likewise be utilized as a Blu-beam DVD player. Accordingly, a gadget that has this capacity can enable you to have a reassuring that serves as a generally useful media center. This choice likewise empowers you to eliminate the measure of media devises you'll have to purchase and store.

Discover which sort of games a reassure offers 

- There are a few games you will just discover on specific consoles and not on others. Make certain that the games you truly need to play are accessible for the comfort you are wanting to get. There are additionally different styles of games, for example, first-individual shooter, hustling, and stage games. What's more, on the off chance that you are principally keen on dashing games, ensure that whatever support you choose to go with gives a decent assortment of the style of game that you appreciate.

Decide what number of individuals will be much of the time playing or utilizing the gadget 

- Ask yourself: is it going to be for only one individual? Or on the other hand, will your companions or family play with you all the time? Remember that each gaming console likewise takes into account every one of these prerequisites in an unexpected way.

Think about its online ability - Finally, not all consoles have the capacity of being gotten to or played on the web. On the off chance that you need to play online with different gamers, pick a gaming console that supports this component.

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Thank you for being here with us 

Saturday, September 7, 2019

4 Reasons to Love Being A PC Gamer

September 07, 2019 0
4 Reasons to Love Being A PC Gamer

4 Reasons to Love Being A PC Gamer

PC gaming is observed to be vastly improved than gaming reassures. There are a few favorable circumstances in using PC games. Honestly I have taken a stab at utilizing both, the consoles and playing on PC and trust me PC games have won my heart. It isn't that I abhor gaming comforts, yet It Is that I like rounds of PC more. Indeed, even now at this age games do bait me and call me. I feel a specific drive towards them at whatever point I see anybody playing around. 

The benefits of PC games that I have seen specifically are as per the following : 

Reasonable games 

Video challenges or the consoles are especially costly. Henceforth getting them from time to time for a typical individual like me is somewhat intense. Every one of the games that are liberated in the PC can be played for. No additional memberships are required to play like in the play stations. This requires a month to month memberships in the Xbox Live and PlayStation Plus memberships. Additionally in the event that you are playing numerous player games, at that point, you don't need to pay anything for it as additional charges like in the consoles. 

A few sorts of games

Pc bolster a more brute of challenges than the consoles. By this, you can make certain that you would not be passing up any of the games. An outsider game distributor does not need to stake in for a specific stage execution. 

Additionally playing on the PC through console and mouse offer the speed and precision that the games require and the gaming consoles can't coordinate. That is the reason one finds visit gamers of games like Counter-Strike and so forth substantially more dynamic on PC rather on the consoles. Along these lines, it is regular that the activity games have manufactured their specialty in the work areas. 

Play how you need to play 

This is another extraordinary part of playing challenges on the PC. The PC games give you the opportunity. Following a difficult day of work and composing of the console, I like to mess around with it. The PC games contrast here from computer games. They are brilliant alternatives for decision and adaptability. 

As genuine as you need it to be 

The equipment inside your PC makes gaming knowledge even better. While you play on Play Station 4 and Xbox One the goals is somewhere in the range of 720p and 1080p. This is the regular range that TVs utilize. In this way, you can well envision the nature of pictures you jump on the PC. In PC you can really pick the equipment you need to utilize and furthermore the product. 

Every one of these highlights of the PC makes games simple and better for the clients. These are only the essential reasons why one should love PC games. In the event that you can give messing around a shot both PC and a gaming console and discover the distinction yourself.